Is the City still the dream ?

The third edition of PhotoBrussels Festival will take place from 16 November to 20 December 2018 on the theme of 'City'.

* young talents

The third edition of PhotoBrussels Festival broaches the theme of the city from the spectrum of dreams and the imagination. Ten photographers have taken up the challenge. The selection of this 3rd edition is as diverse as in previous years, teeming with projects by photographers from various countries. Established artists exhibit side by side with young, emerging talents. Traditional photography mixes with photomontage and video. The real and the unreal meet….

Three projects take a specific look at Brussels. In residence during the summer of 2018, the artists Philippe Calandre and Jean-François Rauzier unveil their images and lose Brussels denizens in new utopias. The Brussels-based collective Raw7 scrutinized the city to bring out unexpected aspects. For his part, the Belgian artist Paul D’Haese creates an imaginary city from photographs taken in each of the 133 cities of Belgium. His Belgopolis is under construction! Young emerging talents such as Benjamin Baltus, Leon Billerbeck, Pieter Dumoulin, Laurent Kronental, and Tamara Stoffers tell us fine stories about urban planning and civic-mindedness, ranging between dreams and disenchantment. There is a great geographic distance with the original visions of New York (Natan Dvir) and Rio de Janeiro (Claudia Jaguaribe). On the Asian side, PhotoBrussels Festival plays host to the Artificial Wonderlands of the Chinese artist Yang Yongliang and the “cut” buildings of the Korean artist Park Seunghoon.

Conferences, photo studio, animations, extramural exhibitions and much more make PBF03 the great photo event at the end of 2018.

Yes, the city can still make us dream, as the photographers clearly show! Let us get carried away in their dream…

Delphine Dumont, director

PhotoBrussels Festival (PBF), organised by Hangar art center, is an annual thematic photographic event.

This year’s edition includes both familiar photographers and emerging new talents from the Belgian and international scene, offering a showcase for between 15 and 20 artists and more than 100 photos.

PBF is also a platform for interactions, helping to stimulate and challenge ideas: among the opportunities offered to visitors, there will be lectures, workshops, guided tours and a photo studio.

To radiate all over Brussels, PhotoBrussels Festival has integrated 7 galleries and art centers in its 'Parcours PBF 03', they will exhibit photography.

Committee 2018
Aleksandar Avramovic - artist and designer
Vincen Beeckman - photographer/founder of Fusée de la Motographie
Hervé Charles - photographer/head of Photography department La Cambre
Delphine Dumont - founder PhotoBrussels festival/director Hangar art center
Rodolphe de Spoelberch - founder Hangar art center
Karel Fonteyne - photographer
Marie Gomis-Trezise - galerist
Nicolas Van Brande - photographer/head of Atelier Contraste

Invited by PhotoBrussels Festival

La Cambre, Photography students
[Hangar frontspace]

“Etre Urbain”
Opening / 06.12.2018
Exhibition / 07.12 - 20.12.2018

with Marjolaine Abaléa, Henri Doyen, Benoit Jacquemin, Léa Cuadrado, Ariane De La Bâtie, Bruno Oliveira, Maxime Rouchet, Santiago Martinez.Martinez.

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