Yang Yongliang

Born in 1980, Shanghai, China. Lives and works in Shanghai, China
    ©Yang Yongliang 

 ©Yang Yongliang 

Yang Yongliang was born in Shanghai in 1980. He was graduated by Shanghai fine art academy. Photographer, Painter, video, Sculptor, he teaches today at The Institute of visual art.His works have been widely exhibited and collected worldwide by The Moca, The Bates College Museum of Art, The British Museum and the Red Mansion Foundation. Recipient of the residency program of Gyeonggido Museum of modern art in 2008, he was part of pingyao and Arles photography festival in 2009.

From his early age, Yang Yongliang has studied traditional Chinese art such as shui mo painting and calligraphy with the great master Yang Yang in Shanghai. Using a camera, the contemporary visual device to express his creativity, and inspired by the main representation of Chinese Shanshui paintings, such as mountaineous landscapes represented by the most influent classical artists for centuries, he cleverly creates a new world of illusions, a vision between dreams and nightmares, futuristic and age-old at one time. 

" I love the familiarity of the city, more so to hate it growing too fast and invading everything around at an unexpected speed. "