Claudia Jaguaribe

Born in 1955 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Lives and works between São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro.

claudia Jaguaribe low res.png

Degrees in Art History from the Beaux-Arts and in photography from the University of Boston, USA.

Has been working internationally since 2002, with many exhibitions around the world. Her works can be found in several museums and collections in Brazil and abroad (Museum of Modern Art, São Paulo; Institute of Contemporary Art, Brumadinho; Institut Moreira Salles, Rio de Janeiro; Victoria & Albert Museum, London; Maison Européenne de la Photographie, Paris; Istituto Italo-Latino Americano, Rome). Claudia Jaguaribe enlarges the traditional formats of photography by creating photographic sculptures and installations.

­2013: Joint founder of publisher Editora Madalena.

2018: Works on the project Lina House, book and installation.

Claudia Jaguaribe, a major figure on the Brazilian artistic scene, brings us her colourful, vertiginous views of Rio, the city of her birth.

The tension between change and permanence is what underpins the series Entre Morros, which studies the relationship between time and space by opposition to the notion of place. Claudia Jaguaribe shows the hillside communities in Rio de Janeiro simultaneously from far away and close up, from the inside and from the outside, from above and from the slope. The city of Rio in these photographs does not exist in a natural state, it is a ‘fabrication’, created from its urban contrasts: nature and city, wealth and poverty, violence and humanity. By mingling reality and subjectivity, the photographer stimulates our perception of what we see, creating layers of understanding and narrative, as if we were in a dream.