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Nocturne / Opening La Cambre in Hangar frontspace

©Henri Doyen,  Le Gorille , Palerme, 2018.

©Henri Doyen, Le Gorille, Palerme, 2018.

Nocturne / OPENING La Cambre in Hangar frontspace & NOCTURNE PBF03

Opening/ 06.12.2018
Exhibition/ 07.12 - 20.12.2018

« Etre urbain » by students in the programme for the Master’s Degree in Photography: Marjolaine Abaléa, Henri Doyen, Benoit Jacquemin, Léa Cuadrado, Ariane De La Bâtie, Bruno Oliveira, Maxime Rouchet, Santiago Martinez.Martinez.

La Cambre photography organizes every year a workshop abroad with Masters students. This year, Palermo was chosen as the entry point to Sicily and host of Manifesta 12 (biennale of contemporary art), but the eight students also expressed themselves through various places on the island. The exhibition presents a selection of the work done there by the students, each of whom has appropriated both the theme “Is the city still the dream?” and the local context.

We discover a Palermo with radical, stripped-down architecture in the images by Benoit Jacquemin. They show us an austerity that is claimed as the heritage of the past in order to understand the present.

Henri Doyen makes the most of the harsh light of the Palermo seaside to pick up the signs of an unfinished state/State and produce images of it which accumulate to deliver a derisory portrait of the contemporary icons.

Marjolaine Abaléa plunges us into the exotic nature of the first photographic expeditions and the discovery of the unfamiliar, the sublimation of the cities of the south.

Léa Cuadrado’s collages and self-portraits see her in Santa-Agata, protector of the city of Catania, and a key figure in Sicily and Etna.

Bruno Oliveira transforms the virtual link into a physical link, setting off to look for influencers on their home turf in Catania. He photographs them in their city, in the places that punctuate their everyday lives, which are different from the clichéd images on their Instagram feeds.

Faced with the exodus of the rural population, some towns in Sicily, such as Acquaviva, are offering houses for sale for 1€. Maxime Rouchet chooses video as the way to conduct a contemplative investigation into this real estate phenomenon. 

In the work of Ariane de la Bâtie, we find the hope of a peaceful town, Sutera, a refuge for those dubbed “the migrants", through the eye-witness reports of a young African man.

It is a dream of a promising but unfinished and ghostly habitat in Santiago Martinez’s images which linger on the modern ruins, a metaphorical labyrinth of urban space.

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