Kevin Scarlett

Born in 1962 in Hull, England. Lives and works in Brussels.

Kevin Scarlett.png

Member of RAW 7* collective

He started out as a painter before becoming a freelance graphic designer/photographer whose work mainly takes the form of street photography.

Exhibitions in Brussels: group show Disclosure (2014), group show A Love Story (2015), solo Between two rivers, group show B’art, group show Carte de Visite (2018).

2017: First prize, Series, Brussels Street Photography Festival and first prize, Single Image, Brussels Street Photography Festival.

2018: Winner of the Photo Contest Brussels Region, winner #cityrenaissance, Huawei Photo Contest, winner of the Photo Contest Belgian Heritage, finalist at the Brussels Street Photography Festival (BSPF).

Kevin Scarlett, who is influenced by the graphic arts and surrealism, produces photographic work featuring chiaroscuro and geometry.

“As I wander through the streets of Brussels with my camera, I often wonder what other people are seeing.

Do they see the palette of pale colours, the shifting light and the dancing shadows?

Or the colours leaking from the shops in the chic neighbourhoods and the snack bars?

Do they feel the hot kiss of the setting sun on a winter’s day?

Or just the cold that hits them when they turn the corner of the street?

Can they hear the silence as they walk in the park?

Or just the constant roar of the traffic and the sirens of a busy city?

Do they see that they are entering into the beauty of my dream, being frozen in a 500th of a second.

Just a millisecond for all eternity”.

*Founded in 2017, Raw 7 is a cosmopolitan photographic collective based in Brussels that presents a variety of styles and individual interests.