Kevin Scarlett

Born in England. Lives and works in Brussels.

Kevin Scarlett.png

Member of RAW 7 collective

Kevin Scarlett is an English graphic designer and photographer based in Brussels. He is interested in everyday life, people, community, whether global or local. Taking pictures is his way of understanding where the connections lie. Photography has become his preferred creative medium, before that he used paintbrushes, but over the years he found himself happier and freer with a camera in his hand. Still hugely influenced by the great Impressionists, Graphic Arts and Surrealism. You will find their mark in many of his subjects and compositions. he endeavours to go beyond 'More than seeing'.

RAW 7 is a Brussels collective that initially brings together seven photographers. For the PBF 03, five of them participate on the theme of city and Hangar invited them to work more specifically on Brussels. They answer the question : “Is Brussels still the dream ?”