Ximena Echague

Born in 1966 in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Lives and works between New York and Brussels.

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Member of RAW 7* collective

Became a documentary and street photographer in Europe.

Her travels and her life in big cities have influenced her way of looking at the world.
- 2016: First place in the Black & White Spider Award.
- 2016, 2017 and 2018: Finalist at the Brussels Street Photography Festival (BSPF).
- 2018: Finalist, Best of Photography Contest, Photographer’s Forum Magazine.
- 2018: Exhibition Odyssey at the European Parliament in Brussels and Remains of Wreck at the Embassy of the Argentine Republic, as a duo with Enrique Karabitian.

Cosmopolitan city-dweller Ximena Echague has been seduced by Brussels, this unique melting-pot of a city whose vibrations she captures.

“Why have the likes of Erasmus, Karl Marx, Victor Hugo and so many others over the centuries chosen to live in Brussels? Was it the city of their dreams, or rather the city where they found the freedom to be themselves? Brussels has chosen a little boy urinating as its emblem, when it is home to the headquarters of the world’s most important military alliance, NATO. As the capital of Europe, it governs the lives of 500 million Europeans, while also being the world capital of the strip cartoon. Brussels is the far north of the Latin world and the far south of the Germanic world. This city is also the unofficial border between two cultures, creating a unique melting-pot. Theatre and festivities; wealth and poverty; age and youth; eurocrats and beggars; circuses and museums, and much more besides, all coexist in a sort of surrealist harmony. This all goes to make Brussels unique and charming.”

*Founded in 2017, Raw 7 is a cosmopolitan photographic collective based in Brussels that presents a variety of styles and individual interests.