Vincent Peal

Born in 1976 in Brussels. Lives and Works in Brussels, Belgium.

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Member of Raw7* collective

After a career as a musician in the band ‘Emma Peal’ (PIAS – label), Vincent Peal decided to dedicate himself essentially to the visual arts.

He has produced a number of Super 8 video clips in New York, London and Berlin.

He has made a documentary about outsiders in the city of Brussels.

2010: Some of his photographs (from Bombay to West Africa) are selected for the universal exhibition in Shanghai. 

2015: First book, Brussels Open City, a portrait of those who call the Belgian capital home.

2018: Second book, World News, about the people he has met on his travels.

Vincent Peal directs a realistic, sensitive gaze, capturing all the contrasts of the city and its ups and downs.

Through his project Brussels Open City, Vincent Peal gives us a photo-reportage devoted to the very heart of Brussels, focusing on what makes it so rich: its inhabitants. The fact that he has spent many years putting down roots in the Belgian capital, and more specifically in the working-class Marolles neighbourhood, makes him well placed to produce a series of photographs celebrating a cosmopolitan, colourful population of outsiders. These different portraits describe the human being in all his sensitivity, his poetry, his fragility, his dramas, his absurdity and his everyday emotions.

*Founded in 2017, Raw 7 is a cosmopolitan photographic collective based in Brussels that presents a variety of styles and individual interests.