Philippe Calandre

Born in 1964, Avignon, France. Lives and works in Paris. France.
    ©Philippe Calandre

 ©Philippe Calandre

His work is a combination of photography, painting and video. Philippe Calandre is particularly interested in architectural photography and still life. From 2012, he uses the technique of photomontage to implant the imaginary on real sites. The splendor of Philippe Calandre's landscapes is a subtle balance between the past, the future and the present. In all his series, reality serves as the foundation from which he creates his own worlds where an ambiguity, or perhaps even a confusion, between the real and the imagined settles in. As early as 1996, his various series have been displayed in galleries, museums and contemporary art shows in France and abroad from Greece to Argentina to the Netherlands and back to New York and Taiwan.