Merlin Meuris

Born in 1989 in Brussels. Lives and works in Brussels, Belgium.

Merlin Meuris.png

Member of RAW 7* collective

Graduate of ERG (Masters in 2014) and EMFPME (2016), Belgium.

Freelance photographer based in Brussels. Works for artists, institutions, companies and brands, including Dior, Bellerose, Hermès, Natan and Planète parfum.

2017: Here and There, 1st publication, limited edition of 50 copies.

2017: First place at the first Made in Bruxsel event, organised by the Brussels Street Photography Festival (BSPF).

The same year: winner of ClikClik, in collaboration with the BSPF.

2018: Lost in Translation, limited edition of 100 copies.

BSPF 2017 winner Merlin Meuris probes urban landscapes and scenes of city life.

Merlin Meuris has roved around his city to bring out what makes him dream. “Brussels, the city of surrealism. Fiction or reality? Utopia or dystopia? Brussels is constantly balancing these opposing forces; it transports us and makes us dream. It is that state of semi-consciousness that enables us to see some unique, sometimes unreal, painful or devastating situations. Is it a chimera that we have before our eyes, or will Brussels always make us dream?”

*Founded in 2017, Raw 7 is a cosmopolitan photographic collective based in Brussels that presents a variety of styles and individual interests.