Jorge Hortua

Born in 1897 in Baranquilla, Columbia. Lives and works in Brussels.

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Member of RAW 7 collective

Jorge Hortua has developped a particular artistic vision thanks to the colorful city of Brussels and its important folk culture. As a good-food lover and traveller, he started to study gastronomy. The most significant of his travel was the one in Peru, in 2009, during which he met his wife, an incontestable inspiration influence to him. He has moved to Brussels on September 2013. His constant need to share his world vision and his thirst of knowledge instinctively brings him to photography.

RAW 7 is a Brussels collective that initially brings together seven photographers. For the PBF 03, five of them participate on the theme of city and Hangar invited them to work more specifically on Brussels. They answer the question : “Is Brussels still the dream ?”