Park Seung Hoon

Born in 1978 in Suwon, South Korea. Lives and works in Seoul, S. Korea

Parkseunghoon_TEXTUS 216 Times square_Digital C Print_100cmx142cm_2015.jpg
©Yang Yongliang

©Yang Yongliang

2005: Degree from the photography department at Shin-Gu College.

2009: Degree from the photography department at the College of Chung-Ang University in Seoul.

Various solo and group shows around the world, in locations including Seoul, Tokyo, Santa Monica, Los Angeles, Paris, Singapore and Macau.

Artist selected by the Korean Cultural Centre for PBF03.

Seung Hoon Park seeks to illustrate the complexity of the city through large patchworks of slides. 

In his series Textus, the Korean artist composes townscapes by collaging pieces of 8 mm or 16 mm film, which he cuts up and then interweaves as if making a textile patchwork. Multiple points of view and different timelines form a coherent ensemble which is nevertheless fragmented. This forces the spectator to be constantly shifting his gaze. In this way, the artist addresses themes connected to the city, such as modernity, movement, the passage of time or vertigo, loss of reference points, and the stifling atmosphere of urban life.