Youngho Kang

Born in 1970 in Seoul, South Korea. Lives and works in Seoul. 

© Youngho Kang, Fox with wet tail

© Youngho Kang, Fox with wet tail

He is well known as a commercial photographer in South Korea. His nickname is “Dancing Photographer”, a nickname given to him because of his unique shooting style, which is that while taking pictures he communicates with the model through dancing, or very much as a conductor, with music always playing in the background.

He graduated from Hongik University, where his major was French Literature, which means that he has no special education in photography, but he still managed to in a short time become the top photographer in the commercial area. In this case he confesses that he was very lucky, getting chances like these. 

Given this, he has a powerful planning ability that is based in the humanities, which shines through in his directing ability that makes for compelling stories being visible in the pictures, as well as a unique ability of communicating, that extracts the inner, hidden expressions from a person. 
This, together with his luck, makes him the photographer he is.

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