Teresa Giannico

Born in 1985 in Bari, Italy. Lives and works in Milan.

© Teresa Giannico,  Ricerca 8 ,  Interno n°16  2018.

© Teresa Giannico, Ricerca 8, Interno n°16 2018.

© Teresa Giannico

© Teresa Giannico


Graduated in Figurative Arts, with specialization in drawing and painting from the Academy of Fine Arts, she moved to Milan in 2012 to study photography. She works most of the time on her own personal research, focusing on the creation of new series and projects.

Since 2016 she has been represented by Viasaterna, which held Kaleidos, her first solo show, in 2019. Her work has been displayed at Plat(t)form, at the Fotomuseum in Winterthur, Fotopub Festival in Slovenia, Circulation(s) in Paris and Futures in Amsterdam, among others.

Her photos have been published in several magazines, such as Witty Kiwi, Pizza Magazine, Nothing to see here, and Fotografia Magazine.

Teresa Giannico takes photographs small dioramas that she created to play with the scales. With the aim to instill doubt about the documentary value of photography and to reveal the machine of representation, Teresa Giannico reproduces realities, existing or not.

In her series Ricerca 8, Teresa Giannico develops her interest in interiors and sculptural work through photography. These images start from a drawing where she sketches sceneries and set objects chosen from her large archive. The elements are not precisely connected, but respond to the needs of her composition.

After completing the sketch, she transfers it to a three-dimensional cardboard diorama with printed surfaces and textures. The last of all these steps is to photograph the diorama. The resulting picture is the only remain of her work.