Falaise #8, Edge of Silence (France Normandy)  Pigment print on pure cotton paper - 145 cm x 210 cm - 2013

Falaise #8, Edge of Silence (France Normandy) Pigment print on pure cotton paper - 145 cm x 210 cm - 2013


Born in Germany. 1966. 
Lives and works in Brussels.

“The mind sees – the eyes touch.”

Jörg Bräuer´s “The Edge of Silence“ and “Asperity“ series explore the rough, unrened boundaries within landscapes that reveal nature’s most essential elements: minerals, water, icere, light and wood. The effects of destruction and reconstruction brought on by the tides of time make each border unique to its environment and even transform dividing structures into sculptures. This is where a new and deeper aesthetic and meaning emerge. The artist latest works show a pictural quality that exposener details with great depth and contrast, revealing the restrained beauty that inhabits the unknown and magical world around us. This approach is illustrated by Bräuer’s “The Edge of Silence” series, employing chromatic variety, graphic purity and abstraction to depict the impressive cliffs that line the coast of Normandy. In the “Asperity” series, the photographer takes the plunge and becomes a painter, enhancing the alteration process. By implementing layers of paint, ink and emulsion on panel-mounted photographic prints, he evokes true reliefs and asperities found in nature. 

Born in Germany in 1966, Jörg Bräuer is a photographer, art director and artist. After working in a classic print shop in Munich, he moved to New York to continue university at the Fashion Institute of Technology. In 1996 upon his return to Europe, he worked as an art director and photographer in London. Two years later he opened a new studio in Barcelona, dedicated to brand design and photography. 
Starting from 2007, he has devoted himself completely to photography. He withdrew to an isolated house on the island of Mallorca, where he spent two years taking pictures of the landscapes and the sea. Based in Brussels from 2009, he pursued his technical and aesthetic quest, focusing on architecture, landscape and still-life photography. 
Jörg Bräuer has won many awards: Graphis gold award in the 100 Best in Photography Annual, IPA International photography award, Prix de la Photographie Paris, LUX in Spain, Photo District News New York, Communication Arts Design Annual.

Photo: Courtesy of the artist