Inland  Pigment colour printing on fine art paper, laminated on aluminium, 100 x 70 cm - 2013

Inland Pigment colour printing on fine art paper, laminated on aluminium, 100 x 70 cm - 2013


Born in Mexico. 1982. 
Lives and works in Brussels.

“An image, in order to move us, must never merely remind us of life, but must acquire a life of its own. Precisely in order to reflect life.” Lucien Freud, Some Thoughts on Painting, 1954 Between 2013 and 2015 Mexican visual artist Ilan Weiss, together with his sister writer Yaël Weiss have travelled to desolate areas worldwide. Ilan gathered a series of images from the experience, but when he printed the photographs he found himself frustrated by the dullness of the paper print. He felt it did not translate enough of the powerful feeling he got when taking the photograph. For this reason, Ilan spent all his free time last year experimenting in his studio with new printing techniques that would give back to the photographs the spiritual strength and energy he felt when taking the pictures. This is the first time Ilan exhibits his findings. They include prints in different materials that reflect light, reveal a different intensity of colors, or become photographic sculptures.

Ilan Weiss was born in Mexico City in 1982. Once he obtained his Bachelor’s degree in journalism at the Anahuac University of Mexico, he moved to Brussels in 2006 where he started his career as a photographer.  
Ilan is particularly concerned about the way mass media uses images to manipulate our perception of reality.  
As a reaction, Ilan’s work exploits the deceptive character of the photographic image in order to reveal a deeper truth.  
Ilan Weiss has exhibited in Brussels (“Inland” at the Centre pour la photographie contemporaine –Espace Contretype – in 2013) and in France (“Chimères” Festival de Arles – voice off, 2014).

Photo: Courtesy of the artist