On the Gorbea Mountain  Color Fujifilm Matte, 150 x 77 cm - 2015

On the Gorbea Mountain Color Fujifilm Matte, 150 x 77 cm - 2015


Born in Bilbao, Spain. 1968.  
Lives and works between Spain and USA.

“Time, like pure nature, always ignores trends from different moments in history or different artistic movements.”

Ignacio Goitia, better known for his pictoral works where contemporary characters take over major historical architectures, has always felt very close to photography as an alternative way to show his very particular views on reality. A reality that, in the case of the Loving Basque Country photo series, praises the beauty of the mountainous landscape in this region of northern Spain, in the presence of a man who seems to be oblivious to time. This man, who actually is the artist himself, gazes at greatness from ridges and local forests reecting on an environment that basically follows its own life cycle unaware of the hand of man. 

Basque artist, painter and photographer Ignacio Goitia ended his Fine Arts career in 1993. His studies alternated between the Basque Country, England, Italy and Cuba. While conducting his first exhibitions, he expanded his knowledge with a PhD in Art History at the Basque Country University and long periods of study in Florence and Rome. After that, he received a grant from the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs to reside for nearly a year at La Cité des Arts, in Paris, where he did his initiation in the audiovisual world in a series of videos. As a painter he has opened a long list of exhibitions in countries like Spain, France, Belgium, Mexico, USA, the Netherlands, Belgium… Although his usual language is large format paintings, he has never stopped indulging in his passion for photography, often applying his vision as a painter to his photographic work. Moreover, photography, which in his case began as a mix between a working tool and documentation for his travels, has become over the years a work with its own identity that gives a distinctive view from his pictorial work.

Photo: Courtesy of the artist