Giljung Yoon

Born in 1961 in South Korea. Lives and works in South Korea.

© Giljung Yoon,  Seesaw - Papricas .

© Giljung Yoon, Seesaw - Papricas.

Giljung Yoon

Giljung Yoon

His work has been exhibited widely throughout South Korea and was the subject of several solo exhibitions. Giljung’s work has also been exhibited internationally, which includes Art Stage Singapore, Brisas de Corea at Geleria Saro Leon in Spain, and more.

His bodies of work, Stone Man and Traces of Memory, were published by IAAN books in 2016 and 2015, respectively. In 2019, he was invited as a Featured Exhibitor at Head On Photo Festival in Sydney, Australia.

Giljung Yoon presents his Seesaw series during the festival, a project that tries to hold the viewer's attention to everyday objects. He deconstructs his images, burns his subjects so that we approach the essence of objects.

“Unbeknownst to us, models have replaced real objects and deeply ingrained themselves in our lives. Photographs copy objects into visual images. If you take a photo of a real object, it is a copy; if you take a photo of a model, it is a copy of the copy. I took a picture by intermixing real objects and elaborate models. As photographs do not allow access to sensory organs other than vision, I cannot tell which is real or not. (…) Curiosity does not work when we see an image fixed in our memory. We will not approach the essence of an object. (…) So, I attempted to deconstruct the process to add a sense of unfamiliarity. Objects can be easily recognized by their shape and color. (…)” (Giljung Yoon)

The photographer therefor decides to deconstruct the images, by burning the objects, by mixing the photographs with model images, by cutting and recomposing them. This in order to retain a longer attention of the viewer.

*This artist is presented in collaboration with the Korean Cultural Center in Brussels. He will be also exhibited to the KCC during the PhotoBrussels Festival.