Fleur van Dodewaard

Born in 1983 in The Netherlands. Lives and works in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

© Fleur van Dodewaard,  Apples and Oranges , 2019.

© Fleur van Dodewaard, Apples and Oranges, 2019.

© Fleur van Dodewaard

© Fleur van Dodewaard


Fleur van Dodewaard studied Theatre at the University of Amsterdam, and Fine Arts at the Royal Academy of Art in The Hague, she made a photography program at the Gerrit Rietveld Academie in Amsterdam.

She has shown her work in several solo and group exhibitions around the world: FOAM Photography Museum Amsterdam; Post Gallery in Tokyo; Museo d’Arte Contemporanea in Rome; Photographer’s Gallery in London and Centre for Contemporary Photography in Melbourne. Her work is also part of the Museum of Modern Art Arnhem and FOAM Photography Museum collections. She had received grants from the Dutch Foundation of the Arts Mondriaan Fund and AFK Amsterdam.

Finding its reference in the history of art, Fleur van Dodewaard’s minimalist and colorful works play on the confusion of mediums and lies between photography, painting and sculpture.

Fleur van Dodewaard’s creative practice takes place within a triangle of Photography, Painting and Sculpture. Even though the outcome may always have a photographic character, her work shows an endless tumbling play between the flat or not so flat surface, the object, its representation, a challenge of media and their historical references. The works often show minimal, colourful, abstract forms. Often temporary, constructions of elementary or DIY materials, assembled and shot in the studio.

The project Apples and Oranges is one of the first results of that process. It is a series of photographic collages with photographs acting as ‘holding space’ to small pieces of handwoven fabric in various materials. As it is often the case: the work finds its reference in the history of art. This time it is the painting Apples and Oranges (Pommes et Oranges) by Paul Cézanne from 1899. Also the idiom ‘comparing apples and oranges’ winks at the use of different media, that can normally not be compared. To Fleur, ‘viewing one medium from the perspective of the other medium; back and forth and upside down’, is a way to keep on looking at things from a different angle. 'Like waking up every day and seeing the world with fresh eyes’.