Clark & Pougnaud

Born in 1962 – 1963, Paris. Live and work in Paris. 
Lost in meditation #10  - 2009 © Clark & Pougnaud

Lost in meditation #10 - 2009 © Clark & Pougnaud

French artists Clark and Pougnaud are a photographer and a painter respectively. Clark grew up in the world of photography, acting as assistant to his father before opening his own studio. Pougnaud comes from a family of artists and was immersed in the stage and painting from an early age. They formed their partnership in 1998, with Pougnaud dreaming up the sets, manufacturing and painting the scenery, and Clark photographing and retouching them. Their passionate commitment to taking the time to work slowly means that they produce no more than a dozen images a year. Their photographs are held in the collections of the Musée de l'image d'Epinal and the Pushkin Museum in Moscow.

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