Alice Pallot

Born in 1995 in Paris. Lives and works between Paris and Brussels.

© Alice Pallot,  OASIS , 2019.

© Alice Pallot, OASIS, 2019.

©Alice Pallot

©Alice Pallot


Alice Pallot studied photography at ENSAV La Cambre in Brussels during five years. She exhibited her latest series L'Île Himero at Les Rencontres de la photographie in Arles as part of the Voies-Off festival, in July 2018. She won the Roger De Conynck award.

Her book Land is exhibited at the Fotomuseum in Antwerp as part of the exhibition Belgian Photobook from March to October 2019. Alice Pallot also exhibited her work at Botanique, Galerie Été 78, Vertigo Gallery, Zoom Gallery, La Réserve and the Valley in Brussels. She also exhibited in Paris, at the Artotheque Benjamin Rabier as part of Japonisme 2018, at the N'Oblige gallery as well as at the Diep-Haeven festival of photography.

Always searching for the mystical side of her subjects, Alice questions the footprint of the human being on his environment through the problem of Oasis blocks.

Alice Pallot’s work questions the relationship between the sciences developed by human beings and a natural environment in constant mutation. Throughout her researches, expeditions and experiments, her photographs become witnesses of a new and future era, of something mystic.

For PhotoBrussels Festival, she presents, in collaboration with Botanical Agency (Elena Seegers and Simon de Dreuille), her new series OASIS. OASIS is the name of a company specialized in the manufacture of green plastic-based foam blocks, used for floral design, that keeps the flower arrangements fresh and moist and keep them in place. It is also highly toxic and non-biodegradable. The foam decomposes rapidly into a powder that is a source of long-lasting, diffuse and aggressive pollution. The series examines the paradigm between the beauty of the « eternal » flowers and the uglyness of an ecological disaster. At a time we must reconsider our techniques and choose how we want to engage in the biosphere, Alice Pallot thought that OASIS, as a set of immersive images filled with details, would help to focus and reflect.