The 'City' is celebrated in Hangar, Place du Châtelain, but also around the neighbourhood. With this theme, the aim of the festival is, more than ever, to spill over to the rest of the city.

A dozen iconic locations (art galleries, cultural & art centers, etc) are getting involved in PBF03 to set up a 'Parcours Châtelain' devoted to photography. The trail will allow the public to continue their photographic journey outside the walls of Hangar.

 © Diego Crutzen

Want to be part of the trail?

If you would like to participate in the photographic 'hustle and bustle' during the PhotoBrussels Festival by exhibiting photography, contact us by email.

Off sites exhibitions

Korean Cultural Center
Rue de la Régence 4, 1000 Brussels
From Monday to Friday - 9am - 5pm

The Korean Cultural Center in Brussels an affiliated organization of the Ministry of Cultures, Sports and Tourism, was founded in November 2013 to introduce Korean culture, art, history, and society to Belgians as well as the Europeans. It is also a great resource for building tourism and public interest in the Republic of Korea. The Korean Cultural Center is equipped with various resources to experience fully the Korean culture through sponsored events and exhibitions touching a variety of topics.

For the 3rd time, KCC participates to PhotoBrussels Festival by presenting a Korean photographer in the selection. At the same time, PBF presents a Belgian photographer in their exhibition.


Istituto Italiano di Cultura di Bruxelles
Rue de Livourne 38, 1000 Brussels

Exhibition- Eva Frapiccini
« Il Pensiero che non diventa Azione avvelena l'Anima »
8-24 November 2018 - From 19:00


A Gallery
Rue du Page 25, 1050 Brussels


Atelier Relief
Rue Vilain XIIII 20, 1050 Brussels


LMS Gallery
Place du Châtelain 37, 1050 Brussels


Rue Américaine 40, 1050 Brussels


Librairie Peinture Fraîche
Rue du Tabellion 10, 1050 Brussels